Innovation themes - Patient Experience

People tell us that they care about their experience of care as much as clinical effectiveness and safety.

They want to feel informed, supported and listened to so that they can make meaningful decisions and choices about their care. They want to be treated as a person not a number and they value efficient processes.

Improving service experience is an important outcome of all the Health Innovation Network programmes.

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Bringing experts and enthusiasts together – we are supporting a network of people across South London to share learning and development and build on existing good practice.  Events are held over the course of the year on topics chosen as relevant by our network members and we have an online community of practice to provide links to the latest information, resources, events, policy and project updates and the ability to contact and network with one another - 'a one stop shop for best practice, advice and feedback'.  To join the network, contact us.

The drawing depicting the ideas and thoughts shared at the Patient & User Experience Network launch event.